Factors to Consider When Buying Gooseneck Trailer Cover Canada

Gooseneck trailers come with hitches that are mounted in the truck bed. Some have V or rounded fronts. These tend to be longer compared to regular trailers. A gooseneck trailer cover typically has zipper entry doors on either side. These covers come with a secured system to enable for the different-shaped fronts. It is recommended that there is more than one person to put the cover on.

What is the key to protecting your gooseneck trailer from the elements? The answer is to buy a gooseneck trailer cover Canada.

When it comes to buying RV trailer covers, there is a wide variety of dimensions and sizes. Also, they are offered at different price ranges.

To obtain a cover that fits your gooseneck trailer, use the following measurements on your rig:

  • Complete outside width as well as the fenders
  • Measure from the roof to the ground
  • Get the length measurement starting from the back of the RV toward the bumper pull tongue or the gooseneck nose

Using those measurements, it would be easy to find a cover that matches your RV. In fact, you can call a local dealer and give them the measurements of your trailer. You may also search online and find an RV cover manufacturer there.

Do not worry if the cover you buy is a bit bigger than your RV. The main concern is keeping every part of the rig covered and protected unless it is flying out that air and moisture collect.

In the end, keeping the gooseneck trailer protected is about keeping the passengers such as the horses protected. By covering the trailer properly when it is parked, you are ensuring a smooth, safe ride while you are on the road.

The Fabrics Are Not The Same

There is a comprehensive line of RV Covers that are available to fit all sizes of recreational vehicles from pop-up Trailers to class A. Make sure that you know the difference among the covers. The cover you choose depends on how often or how long you will use it, and where you are storing your gooseneck trailer.

If you are planning to need it for casual use, reside in moderate climates, or simply need an affordable cover, you can easily find one that fits your needs and budget. Another option that can offer superior protection is to customize your cover.

Gooseneck Trailer Cover Fabrics

You can find universal fabrics that have a lot of integrated features to put the cover snugly, thus keeping the trailer protected. Keep in mind that although there are universal RV covers, they are not a one size fits all.

There are lots of styles and sizes of RV covers to fit any class or length of recreational vehicle at the same time allowing access to the RV from several entry points.

Depending on where your store your RV and how you use it, a gooseneck trailer cover Canada should give you 2 to 4 years of protection at the minimum. When choosing an RV Cover always consider where you plan to store the trailer or travel with it.


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