What is an RV?

Recreational vehicles, or RVs for short, are a type of a trailer or a motor vehicle which has living quarters that are designed for accommodation. There are different types of RVs such as the motorhomes, the caravans (also known as travel trailers and camper trailers), campervans, truck campers, fifth wheel trailers, and pop up campers.

What is an RV Awning Room?

RVs are very roomy and spacious vehicles, and thus plenty of living space is allowed. However, after some time, they may feel constricting and confining. A solution to this problem is purchasing a screen room that is attached to the awning (a sheet of canvas or other material that is stretched on a frame and is used to keep the sun or rain off) may allow the creation of a considerable extra living space. These are then called RV awning rooms, sometimes called awning rooms, or extend-a-rooms. These rooms insulate the living space against bugs and protect the residents against heat and rain.

What is an RV Patio Awning?

On the other hand, an RV patio is an outdoor area adjoining your recreational vehicle. It is a type of an RV awning room. This may act as an extension of living space and may act as a veranda or a terrace; a patio may serve as lounging area beside your recreational vehicle for you and your guests. A patio may be built by attaching fabric or cover to the awning of your recreational vehicle which will serve as a roof to your patio. An RV awning patio is merely a roof attached to your recreational vehicle, while an RV awning room is a whole room attached to the side of your vehicle. This is its key difference from the RV awning room.

The Basics

There are four most purchased recreational vehicle patio awning covers and fabrics, and these are the vinyl fabrics, the acrylic fabrics, the polyester vinyl composite, metal covers, and fabrics and covers made of other natural materials. You, as the customer, should select accordingly to which best fits your needs.

What is an RV Patio Awning Room?

As stated above, an RV awning patio is merely a roof attached to your recreational vehicle, while an RV awning room is a whole room attached to the side of your vehicle; this is its key difference from the RV awning room. Another recreational vehicle extension exists, which is the RV patio awning rooms. This is an awning room exclusively attached to your recreational vehicle’s patio, and is also a very good idea to extend your living area.

Other Types of RV Awning Designs

Aside from the RV patio and the RV patio awning rooms, here are some of the types of RV shade awning designs where you may choose from according to your needs.

1) Fixed Awnings

Fixed awnings are small RV awnings that are placed and fitted over the windows and the doors of the recreational vehicle. These type of awning design offer considerable protection from the sun and from the rain.

2) Slide out Awnings

Slide out awnings are stored under the roof of the recreational vehicle. If condition requires, these awnings are pulled out manually or through mechanical means.

3) Roller Awnings

Roller awnings are mounted on rollers. When in storage, the awning is rolled up tightly and stored into a container in the recreational vehicle.

4) Automated Retractable Awnings

Automated retractable awnings have the ability to activate themselves at a touch of a button. Due to this advancement, they do not require to be set up manually.


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