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Are you tired of your motor-homes low water pressure or just want to conserve more water? The all new rv shower head can save up to 20% more water while in use keeping you from running out of water in your tank. With this smart pause shut off valve you can turn your shower on or off to save 30-70% of water and energy that’s used by traditional shower heads, making it ideal for RV’s. With this product you can take a lot longer shower with using the same amount of water as you would if you were to use a regular shower head. This shower head mixes oxygen into the water, which heightens spray velocity, making for a higher flow shower even with low water pressure. The flow control valve lets you choose your settings, from a soft and relaxing flow to a pulsating and massaging higher flow. Oxygen content in the water is increased up to 10 times, which also purifies the water.

There are also all kinds of handheld shower heads that perform different functions. The rv shower head can actually help you save water by injecting oxygen into the water. This increases the spray without increasing the amount of water you use. It also has settings for a constant or pulsating spray, just like the massaging shower heads you would find in a home bathroom. Coordinating rv shower head and hoses and slide bars can help you complete the look. This shower head features a no clog design and needs no maintenance. It is available in three finishes, including white, chrome and brushed nickel. Are you tired of the small cramped shower space in your motor-home? There are also extended rod like a slide out room for your shower that gives you the elbow room and privacy of showering in your RV. With this product you will never have to use a campground shower room again. This Fold-out shower rod gives you up to 30% more space for a comfortable shower and less chance of bumping into walls or the curtain.

When not in use, just fold it back inside the shower stall. In the stored position it also provides a place to drip dry laundry or bathing suits. It is easy to install and can be mounted close to the ceiling if necessary, as the pivot points on this shower rod do not move up or down. Comes in a white powder coat or satin finish. For more information on the rv shower head. For high quality RV supplies, parts and accessories, shop always try to search online. We carry everything from maintenance parts and supplies to RV interior items and decorations. Looking to further upgrade your existing plumbing fixtures? The shower faucets are diverse and varied as well, including tub & shower diverter models. For the most cohesive design, most choose to go with matching finishes, if not matching styles. This is by no means a set rule however, if you have more eclectic tastes and want to mix and match rv shower head.