Products for RV Hitches

The fifth wheel hitch which is the part that is installed in the bed of the truck is a large, flat plate that has a shape very similar to that of a horseshoe. Nowadays, the fifth wheel refers to the “U” shaped coupling component found on the back of the towing vehicle, be it a large transport, pickup truck or tractor, for instance. Metal rails run beneath the hitch attach to the frame of the truck for added durability and strength. The trailer connects to the fifth wheel hitch by a king pin along with a plate that rests on top of the fifth wheel hitch plate itself. The king pin locks into a position so it is fastened within the hitch but can pivot to accommodate left and right turns. Owning a fifth wheel is arguably one of the lower maintenance recreational vehicles. You don’t have to worry about many of the vehicular issues that motor-homes have and you can quickly attach and detach your RV when camping. Basically, a fifth wheel is a hitch that allows the driver to connect a cargo attachment to the back of a large vehicle, like a tractor or truck. If you’ve seen a transport on the highway, then that’s a prime example of the fifth wheel design. These fifth wheel hitches have moving parts such as the locking assembly that prevents your king pin from sliding out of the saddle. Since this has multiple steel parts that work together they need to be lubricated regularly.

These are the typical and essential needs when you buy RV fifth wheel hitches products:

Hitch Coupler

This is the flat part of the hitch that resides in the bed of your pick-up truck and interfaces with the fifth wheel trailer. The assembly is either bolted or welded to the frame.

King Pin

The portion of the hitch that connects to the hitch coupler and allows the RV to pivot when being towed.

Hitch Locking Leveler

Locks down on the bar that is used to release the receiver from the fifth wheel pin box to prevent the fifth wheel from detaching.

Slider Fifth Wheel Hitch

Slides forward and backward in the bed of the truck to provide an optimal ride when going straight and optimal turning angle when maneuvering where it prevents the trailer for hitting the cab during tight turns.

Extended Pin Box

This is strongly recommended for towing with a short bed truck. It also prevents the trailer from hitting the cab during tight turns.

Mounting Rails

These rails are securely fastened to the truck bed that are needed to attach a fifth wheel hitch to your truck bed. The hitch coupler attaches to the mounting rails.

There are many rv fifth wheel hitches products canada in the marketplace and it is important to think through by learning what important things are; such as the dimensions and capabilities of your tow vehicle. Also, the dimensions, size and weight of your travel trailer as well. Once you know what you need, you can then look and ask for rv fifth wheel hitches products canada that will meet your specifications and needs.