Make the Camping Season Comfortable by Using a Thermostat for RV Furnace

Do you want the camping season to be comfortable?  If yes, you now need to try searching for the best thermostat for RV. And if you are having thermostat problems, better to replace the unit. That way, the RV heater or conditioner will work out flawlessly for the camping seasons that might come. How exactly you will know which RV thermostat is best to use?

The Way RV Thermostat Work

RV thermostat can work well for your recreational vehicle. Know more about how it works. The thermostat in the RV is a device that monitors the inside temperature of the camper. It will turn on the furnace the moment it gets too cold. So many recreational vehicle thermostats control and do dual-duty of the air conditioner.

As per the thermostat, it is hard-wired to the air conditioner and furnace by way of the RV’s 12-volt system. As the sensors are right inside the temperature read a temperature different by a minus or plus a set amount of degrees from the temperature you choose, it will then send a signal to the air conditioner or furnace to kick it on.

And as the same sensors monitor the RV interior temperature and have finally hit the setting you enter, it will then cycle off the appliance. This is when the RV thermostat works to keep you feeling comfortable. This is also even without having to turn it on and turn if off the furnace, fan, and air conditioner.

The Need for a Thermostat for RV Furnace

There will be a need for a thermostat for RV furnace to best regulate the temperature. That way, you will enjoy the camping adventures. There are specific RV thermostats designed to wire into a twelve-volt system. Most of them can be considered as the replacement units for the most popular thermostat brands. And they are introduced by the manufacturers to be installed in the recreational vehicles.

The replaced RV thermostats will often have the common wiring such as the 2- or 6-wire options. This will give way to you quickly replacing the faulty unit. This is true if the troubleshooting affects the way you relaxed. One more feature of the thermostat for RV furnace is the fan speed option for low or high. This will enable you to quickly cool or heat the recreational vehicle as you place it on high. Maintain the temp. as you turn the fan speed to low.

Thermostat for RV furnace can keep the cold and heat near the setting that you choose; but without significant fluctuations in the temperature. Run the furnace air conditioner at the most efficient level. That is when you can save more on the energy costs.

The RV Thermostats Types Available

Mostly all older RV thermostats are considered as analog. The analog type of thermostat can function for both the cooling and heating and also for heating. The way that you set the temperature can bring about some issues. Analog-type of thermostats would use a sliding switch moving between the temperature notches right through the indicator bar. Set the temperature to an exact number and only to a very close range to the number. Since it is simple as a unit, it becomes a more reliable way of controlling the RV cooling systems.

Electronic or Digital

An electronic or digital type of thermostat for RV furnace works well the same as the analog thermostat. It is just that the electronic microprocessors inside can monitor a more accurate temperature reading. This will often start and stop the furnace air conditioner more effectively.

People would want these units as they see the actual room temperature. They can then set the temperature desired without a fuss. Electronic or digital thermostats can look so modern having a display screen to see not just the exact temperature setting numbers but also the function it is running at that moment.


As for the programmable thermostat, it allows you to place the temperature settings into such a memory unit. You can then change the settings for many times of the day to bring the most comfort. If you like it colder in the RV when sleeping set the programmable RV thermostat to turn up the air conditioner or turn down the furnace during selected nighttime hours. And then, go back to the daytime settings without the need to touch the thermostat.

The Things to Consider When Buying a Thermostat for RV Furnace

It is also just right to consider buying a thermostat for RV furnace. Below are the things that you might actually want to ever consider.


For an RV interior to look so fresh, a thermostat for RV furnace having a nice backlight feature can best update the decor. They mainly come in cream, white, and black color that best match them to your esthetic reasons. They bring out a nice touch to maintain the thermostat from sticking out the same as a sore thumb.

Ease of Use

Decide more about the manual effort you need to invest when running an air conditioner or a furnace. For a super and reliable thermostat for RV furnace, consider choosing an analog type of RV thermostat. This is the best choice for your wallet and your camper.

Service and Quality

Buy a thermostat for your RV furnace from our site that you can stand true to our products. We bring out excellent customer service that is essential when installing and or programming.

So, consider our site RV parts for a thermostat for RV furnace that would essentially need!


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