Is an RV Air Conditioner Cover a Good Idea?

Storing an RV is a priority for most RV owners. It is just that not all can have a space or storage for RV. Now with RV covers costing you only less than 200 dollars, it is good to cover and protect the RV. Whether it be winter snow or rain or heat, RV air conditioner cover can be useful in keeping the RV protected.

It is worth your money and effort to buy the cover. This will save your RV from all other issues. Almost all RVers stop or avoid using RV covers because of the needed efforts to put them on and off. And, the covers could tear after several times of use. The use of quality cover could keep the recreational vehicle safe.


Winter times can be so harsh. If the area where you live has high snow, it is a lot better to be prepared. Below are the advantages of using an RV air conditioner cover.

Keeps Dust and Dirt Particle Away

A finished RV requires several days of dirt and dust before the paint is spoiled. A cover can keep the RV away from such dust and dirt. You won’t also have to clean the RV every week. If you will park the RV next to a place that sees dust, you need to cover it more. This is also a good idea to do if you will park an RV for long time.

Keeps the RV Safe from Bird Droppings

It can be irritating seeing bird droppings. This is true when you cannot see them right away. For one, a high RV could not be cleaned every day. As a big vehicle, you do your part of cleaning it once in a while. So, keep the RV covered to protect it against damage that might occur due to bird droppings.

Protects from Damaging Snow

Nothing can ever be harsh than a falling snow on your RV. With a thicker layer of snow, it can get you running. So, find ways to cover the trailer. This will keep the protection and warm from freezing pipes.

Protects Against Ultraviolet Radiations

There are lots of damages that the summertime could bring to an RV. For one, the roof could get affected because of UV radiations. It is not just during the winter that the RV must be covered. The same is true during the summer times. Keep the RV away from the bright sun as it could cause heat in the RV interior. A thick and protective layer is needed for your RV needs.

Helps Keep the Resale Value

The use of an RV air conditioner cover can protect the RV and prevent it from more damage. This is also whether the RV experiences paint fading, roof leakage, and many more. Never allow these things to add damage to their value.

A travel trailer or RV is a high-depreciating asset. If you will not take care of it properly, it might result further in the sliding of value. It is a lot better than an expensive fifth wheel loses its value double fast.


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