Taking Care of Your Tank and LP Gas Tank Cover

Recreational vehicles come with all forms of sensors and monitors.  You have carbon monoxide sensors, smoke detectors, sewage and fresh water tank levels, and battery monitors. However, one thing is missing on the majority of RVs, and that is a propane tank monitor. Some owners even forget to use an LP gas tank cover with it.

If your rig does not have a factory propane monitor, then follow this process:

  • Remove the LP gas tank cover
  • Disconnect the valve line to the LP tank
  • Un-hook the tank clamp or bracket
  • Lift your tank and estimate how full it is

You know it is not fun and easy if you have done this several times. Most likely you cannot set it on a scale and know the empty weight of the tank.  You will be still guessing at how much propane is there.

Almost everything in your recreational vehicle runs on propane. This includes:

  • Grill or outdoor range
  • Refrigerator
  • Water heater
  • Furnace
  • Oven
  • Stove

If you can monitor the level of the propane tank easily and quickly, then you may avoid being stuck and not able to use any of these RV appliances.

Temperature Level Sensors Of Propane Tank

Propane is in a liquid form that is stored in a tank. It boils and goes out of the tank in gas form when it is used. The procedure removes heat away from the tank, thus cooling it down. This is the reason if you have seen that your tank is covered in frost or sweat while grilling burgers that the lower half and the top part is still dry.

There are a few drawbacks, as with the pressure gauge. A gauge works if only you are using propane. The reason is that there will not have a temperature change if the liquid is not converting to gas. You can check this indicator remotely as with the pressure.

Weight Sensors of Propane Tank

The right way to measure the propane tank level is through its weight.  You can purchase scales made to set your tank on.  Also, you may find spring loaded scales, in which the tank hangs on.  Therefore, while weight sensors are the ideal option for a backyard grill, they are not suitable for your trailer unless you want to remove them before traveling.

You may unstrap the tank if the RV is parked in a seasonal site where it is not going to move. Do not forget to secure the tank firmly before moving again.

When Does Propane Expire?

The answer is no. it does not expire over time. This is because propane is kept in a tank. Absolutely nothing can come in contact with propane that could make it go bad. But, there is an exception, which is the tank itself. It means that over time, the tank could go old and bad before the propane inside does. Therefore, you must keep the tank in good condition together with the propane, so it will last a good time.


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