Protecting Rooftop Air Conditioner

Protect your rooftop air conditioner while not in use with RV air conditioner cover from the harshest of weather.  It can also help against a draft on a cold day if you’re not camping in the warm weather season. Like most products, there are precautions and maintenance concerns to consider when using an RV cover. During use, ensure the cover does not come in contact with sharp or abrasive objects. Pool noodles (long foam tube) are great for protecting your RV air conditioner cover from wear and tear on areas that could cause a tear or rip. Keep the cover as tight to the RV as possible to keep the wind from blowing it around and wear a hole in the cover or causing paint damage. In wet climates be sure to keep water from puddling on the roof holding the cover down tight to the surface which will cause mold. A cover is not an item you want to toss onto your RV and forget about, you should always check the cover after a storm or heavy winds re-securing if necessary. Be on the lookout for wear and tear and add protection where needed.

Camping is one of those fun activities that create memories for all involved. However, if you don’t take the right steps to protect your RV when it isn’t in use, those memories might be of large repair bills or having a big trip canceled. RV air conditioner cover are an essential accessory everyone should consider buying to protect the RV from the elements and debris. When most people winterize their trailer or RV in cold climates, they use RV antifreeze to keep the pipes from freezing or in hot summer climates draining and sanitizing the water system. Removing the battery(s), covering the tires and taking additional steps to protect their investment. Whether you are storing your RV indoors or out, using an RV air conditioner cover Canada will protect it from dirt, debris, and the elements to reduce the need for repairs when it’s finally time to get back to camping.

If you’re a snowbird or holiday camper your RV may sit idle for many months on end. So, having it ready to go when it’s finally time for that RV trip is important. An RV cover in these situations is a good idea, not only to keep that RV clean and looking like new but also protected from the elements that can compromise the weatherproof structure. Choosing an RV air conditioner cover Canada that has a water-resistant roof layer is critical in these types of conditions. The sun’s rays in warmer climates are just as damaging breaking down sealants over time creating areas for water to seep into on the RV’s roof. RV covers with maximum UV protection are the way to go in this scenario. Keeping other debris, such as leaves, pine needles, and dirt, off your RV can also keep it cleaner and ready for use. RV covers are designed to keep the elements and debris off your trailer or RV when it isn’t in use. The winter snow is one of the most important things to keep off your RV because of its weight and more specifically freeze and thaw conditions.


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