Protect the Overall Structure Of Your RV

Try to look around any RV park and you will surely notice that many residents have RV tire covers on every wheel of their RV. And while the tire covers look nice, if you’re like me and don’t use them, you can’t help but wonder: why do so many people think RV tire covers are necessary? All tires come with UV-protection. If you often store your vehicle in a cold area then you may want to shield it from the possible damage that this weather might cause. You can shield it by installing RV tire covers, which prevents it from being continuously exposed to road salt and snow. As this manufacturer explains, tire manufacturers build it right into every tire that rolls off the assembly line. Each time a vehicle is driven and a new tire rotates, a UV-protectant comes to the surface. This is why RV tire advice gurus encourage us to drive our rigs to maintain healthy, safe tires.

But when an RV sits more than it actually moves and gets exposed to constant sunlight, the UV-protectant never has a chance to rise to the surface of the tire. You’ve seen how powerful the sun rays can damage vehicle paint and wear down recently with the constant weather changes. The RV gel coats, so it stands to reason that the sun could also start to wear down our tires as well. If you an RV owner then note that two of the most important items that you should invest in are the RV tire covers and the tire covers. Both of these items are vital investments as they are designed in such a way that they can protect the overall structure of your RV as well as its tires from potential damage. You have to invest in a cover for your vehicle’s tires for many reasons. You may initially think that a tire cover is no longer necessary considering the fact that most of the tires used for RVs are already heavy-duty and are designed to withstand even the harshest conditions they will encounter on the road and highways.

Note that letting your RV sit in a campground or storage also exposes it to harm, so investing in a really good tire cover is a must. Here are some reasons why it is really necessary to invest in this type of cover: Reduces the heat that penetrates within the tire. The main purpose of having RV tire covers is to offer protection to your tires against the harsh elements of the sun and heat. Note that exposing the tires to the heat of the sun too often might cause them to wear out too soon. With the aid of a cover, you can minimize the amount of heat that gets into the tire. That way, you can enjoy using it for several years. Just ensure that you look for white covers, instead of black or gray. It is because while the other colors look good, they also tend to attract more heat so it would be better to stick to white.


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