Factors to Consider When Buying RV Bike Rack Covers

Bicycle covers are different kinds of accessories that help keep your bike protected when not in use. RV bike rack covers should have features that can make a big difference to their functionality. You are not just covering your 2-wheeled vehicle, you are also covering it while embarking on whatever adventure on the road.


Consider buying a bicycle cover that is easy to use. Get the one with its own drawstrings, elasticized hems for wind protection, eyelets for locking or middle buckle, and a nice design that do not take up a lot of your time gaining access to your bike.


The cover will function as the cloth of your bicycle. Pick something that is not extremely small, but not too big either. It must be of the right size or possibly big enough to completely cover the bike. Get the measurement of your bike before getting a cover. Manufacturers advise getting the size a few inches longer to make sure it is not too small. A bigger cover will give you more flexibility, giving you the opportunity to cover another pair of wheels.


One important consideration goes to the material of the RV bike rack covers. It has to be thick enough to protect the bicycle from outdoor elements and allow airflow during transport at the same time. Preferably, the materials used for the cover is made of polymer fabric with a UPF rating. This ensures your bike is protected from rain and sun exposure. Choose a product with materials that are tear, water, and puncture resistant.


Denier is the strongest test of the strength and durability of the material. The bigger the number of the denier, the heavier the threads are. Heavier threads are considered to be durable and sturdy. A denier number that is ideal for a cover for a bike rack is 600D.

Reflective Material

Some bikers do not use bicycle covers for the reason that the covers are typically in dark shade making them quite difficult to see at night. The covers also tend to block the tail light. Therefore, a reflector should be used either on the middle part of the body cover or on top of it. Ideally, out it in any part that is easily noticeable. This makes the RV bike rack covers visible even with they come in a dark shade.

Lock Holes

Make it a point that your bikes are protected from various elements, most particularly against thieves. Your cover should have security cords. Loopholes can hold them well without disrupting the cover. Make sure the lock holes you use are made of durable materials. They should not rust easily when exposed to rain and sun. Look for a cover with a stitched outlet instead of the metal type, which is likely to rust.

While there are many brands that offer RV bike rack covers to cover your bike while on the road. This means you also need something that is also dust. In fact, what you need is a cover that is designed to protect your bike from all kinds of weather conditions.


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