RV Slideout Awnings – Innovations and Advantages

Today’s RVers are better off than their elders. This is because, everyday, there had been innovations for their favorite RVs. Advantages keep on piling up. The biggest of these RV advantages obviously had been the development of Canada RV slideout awnings.

These days, there are still more new innovations to the accessory and all are to the owner’s advantage. Choosing some innovation also opens the owner’s eyes to the other advantages before forking over the cash to acquire any slideout awning.

The big reason is that on top of these options is the fact that the product is somewhat expensive. With so many materials and different types of workmanship coming out, the buyer (owner) might miss out on the durability factor or some such other important features.

As a prospective owner of one, you need to be knowledgeable about the product, needs to be alert, and have some good dose of common sense.

Materials / durability

The first assumption that needs to be cleared is that slideout awnings are not made from the same material type of awning fabric. It is vital to consider that your materials have to be at least durable, perhaps easy to clean, plus maybe some other important features.

You also need to regard the durability claims of the manufacturer. Check out if the durability factor refers to the fabric or the hardware. In addition, you need to ensure that they have warranties for their products before deciding to buy.

Cost / value

Another vital factor you need to consider is the ratio of cost to the value of the product. This is simply the product’s price range compared to that of the competition.

When you understand that the price of the product is in accordance to the cost, you can then decide whether to buy or put things on hold. This should include your assessment to some of its advantages and benefits.

Debris protection

The most sought after camp resorts are those with trees around for their beauty and shade. However, they are also prone to give your RV slideout some dead leaves and pine cones and twigs (sometimes small dead branches) in these spaces.

If you remove your slides in without sweeping away these items, you may damage the rubber seals that keep your RV waterproof. Thankfully, slide toppers these days can retract with the slide out and causes the debris to fall off automatically.

Pests / moisture

Wooded areas in campsite can be a source of wonder for the kids. However, these areas are also home to creatures that may want to get inside your RV. Squirrels, mice, insects (even snakes!) can get inside through the small spaces on top of your slide-outs. All simply want some food, water or the shade. Some models nowadays have built-in barriers to their slideout.

Moisture damage is always destructive. The large leaks damages carpets, furniture and wall panels.

With an Canada RV slideout awnings for each one prevents rain and water from coming in during snows or rains. Again, check out models that can do these, and maybe more. 


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