RV Emergency Exit Window as an Essential Feature

An RV emergency exit window is truly known to be an essential feature. If ever you have no idea on how it works, it pays to read on more about this article. This has its job to ensure your family’s safety and well-being. You need to understand that especially its ultimate purpose. You must learn how to operate it as well. Keep in mind that it can help avoid something bad from happening. Everyone will also stay safe and secure. That’s when they know how to find the exit during an emergency situation.

A Guide on How to Operate It

There are so many brands and types of RV’s. But remember that RV emergency windows have similarities. Prior to operating it, it is a must locating the windows first. It also actually depends on the model as the RV may have its many different emergency windows.

Finding the latch, cord, or red handle is another thing to consider in mind. This is because it helps you to open the window. This is, of course, because of the fact that the emergency windows need to stand out.

Know that the majority of emergency windows are hinged. They also swing open upon activating the release mechanism. When the window is incapable of swinging opening automatically, using your hands is the next best thing to do. You could just have it fully opened with the use of your hands.

You need to measure the distance between the ground outside and the window. This will need to be done before exiting. It will need to be a lot farther than expected.

And then, exit your feet when you need to pass through the RV emergency exit window. If ever the distance is quite far, never ever dare to jump. You may make use of your hands to grab the window ledge. Lower yourself next to the ground with the use of your arms. Brace your feet from the outside of the RV. This will leverage you to lower yourself down.

In the event that your feet are near to the ground, allow yourself to drop. Just be safe in landing on your feet.

Stay Safe and Prepared with RV Emergency Exit Window

An emergency situation can take place in your RV. This is true if the mechanism does not function well. That’s also in the event that a kitchen mishap occurs. Make it sure that everyone is safe. You need to know the very basics using RV emergency exit window.

Show everyone in the family where the RV emergency exit window is located. Teach them how to operate them. As much as possible, give them a chance to practice. Safety should always be kept in mind. Follow the steps mentioned above not to be in a panic. Now, you just have learned how important an RV emergency exit window can be. If ever there is an issue in this window, might as well have it checked by an expert. The necessary window replacement will be carried out by them upon your request!


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