Covering the Counter Space

There is no doubt that RV is one of the biggest investment ones can make. It is impossible for everyone to afford a couple of RVs. unless if you have a huge bank balance then you don’t fit in these criteria though. As RV is an expensive vehicle so a proper maintenance is mandatory. If you’re like me and have those white dual-purpose cutting board and rv sink covers then you know over time, they will get dingy looking. Food will stain them and they generally get a gray look to them. A tip to get them nice and gleaming white again with an added bonus of disinfection is bleach. When they need it, I fill a rubber made tote with a mixture of about 20 parts water to 1-part beach and let them soak for a day in there. The bleach will eat away all the stuck on organic material but leave the plastic material untouched.

A camper comes with a plastic sink and we use to remove the rv sink cover and put a decorative basket and candle and stuff in the sink during travel. Well it must have been too much weight and the bottom of the plastic sink cracked. Replaced original plastic sink with a double bowl stainless steel sink. Don’t travel with anything heavy in a plastic kitchen sink! Never even thought about our sink covers moving. You’ll never have a problem with that use the covers all the time to help increase the “counter space”. Our covers are plastic, and work as cutting boards but we don’t use them much for that as they will get. Sink covers are an often-discussed topic and if you search “sink covers” you can find these various threads. It seems that the ones that match the counter top have variously been included by GD / included by the dealer / offered for sale through the parts department.  Aftermarket kitchen sink covers for the reflection through parts department and if this is of interest, please contact your dealer for pricing and ordering assistance.

Are you thinking to start a new improvement on your RV or need some help with some maintenance or do you need advice on what products to buy? Or maybe you are in need of some advice. One of the biggest challenges on a van life journey is to figure out how we were going to wash dishes on the road while staying inside the van and how to find the perfect rv sink cover for our trip and with a little extra help from one of my favorite hacks we were able to make a fully functional sink. Last but not the list we have the rv sink cover in our list. If you decided to have the best kitchen sink cover of your rv well. Anyway, like all the above products, this rv sink cover is also made of quality materials. It is removable so that you can easily insert and remove when necessary, it seals the sink perfectly and drains perfectly as well and the price is also reasonable.


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