Camp Luxury

Gone were the days of manually pitching tents in the wilderness. Nowadays, there is a new breed of campers taking over the scene. These campers, bringing all the comforts of home on wheels, are the RVers.

Recreational vehicles, since the early 1900s have produced a variety of RVs, pop up trailers, fifth wheels, towable trailers and the full sized motorized trailer just to name a few. Around the mid 2000s, a steady dip in sales panicked the RV industry. Most people thought that would be the end of it. In spite of this, the RV industry is making a comeback and it seems that a change in demographic has lead to the upward trend in sales. It has been notice that millennial and retirees are reviving the industry back. Millennial tend to favor small trailers while the retirees are going all out for the bigger more decked out trailers. A trend also emerged that north western areas especially in Canada are seen with the most number of RV sales.

Small trailers are usually furnished with the basics such as pull out beds, dinette and an rv shower Canada. On the other hand, large trailers have added features such as queen sized beds, toilets with macerator and shower and tub set up. Other campers opt to customize their trailers such as one couple, who had remodelled their RV to include a full sized RV shower in Canada. Other luxury trailers also include a skylight for rv shower Canada and even full sized bathtubs! Multiple addons are added to trailers such as awnings, outdoor griller and racks for bikes, kayaks or fishing gears to suit your needs.

For those who would like to travel in style and all the comforts that one can possibly pack in one trailer, here are some of the leading luxury trailers in the market:

  • Jayco White Hawk Travel Trailer

From the award winning manufacturer, Jayco, the White Hawk Travel Trailer can accommodate 4-9 people. Accented with wood grain panelling, auto-ignition furnace and a bathroom skylight, this trailer have options of 26 different floor plans to choose from.

  • Palomino Puma Travel Trailer

The premium design of the Palomino Puma Travel Trailer includes a nickel finish kitchen fixtures, jackknife sofa and a shower skylight. Four different decors and 43 different floor plans are more than enough to customize to your own liking.

  • Grand Design Reflection Travel Trailer

The Reflection Series have different variations of floor plans, however, all series have more or less the same features. These include cabinets that are hand rubbed maple grain, an oversized underbed storage and a king size wardrobe. This is perfect for long trips for a large family.

  • Heartland North Trail Travel Trailer

The Heartland North Trail Travel Trailer utilizes the exterior by adding speakers outside its haul. Inside, an LED HD tv easily swivels in the bedroom with sleek accent walls decorate the interior of this huge trailer. This trailer is just under 40 feet but has a massive legroom of about 37 feet!

Merging comfort and functionality, RVs are quite versatile. And they sure are making their mark!


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