Benefits of Using An RV Refrigerator

If you have an RV, one of the things you need to decide is the kind of refrigerator to buy. There are a lot of options out there and can be overwhelmed. Whether you need to get an RV refrigerator or a residential one is the question we will help you answer here.

How an RV Refrigerator Functions

The refrigerator for RVs utilizes absorption to cool the inside. There are no moving parts such as a compressor to run the appliance.  It makes use of heat, and a combination of water, ammonia, and hydrogen gas to cool down the fridge by moving through tubes. The heat to run these cooling gases is given by different power sources in a fridge.

Durability On The Road. RV refrigerators are designed to move around and made of heavy materials.  They have no compressors, so no moving parts will get loose while on the road. Many RV owners claim that their refrigerators have lasted up to 10 to 20 years.

Efficiency. Refrigerators for RV are made to use A/C power and they use propane gas to keep the inside cool if not connected to a power source. An RV refrigerator can maintain a temperature just fine on a mild day.  The internal temperature of the refrigerator tends to increase on warmer days. But, there are some techniques to keep the temperature low by packing your fridge properly.

Storage Capacity. The standard RV fridges come with 6-8 cubic feet of storage. Class B, Class C RVs, and travel trailers are typically sold with smaller refrigerators. Nowadays, bigger 5th wheels and motorhomes come with larger storage capacity in their refrigerators. You can find newer models with up to 18 cubic feet of storage space with French doors. If you want the extra space, ask dealers if there are any options to upgrade to a bigger refrigerator. Review the manufacturer websites for the specs of their refrigerator.

Safety Concerns. There are RV owners who worry about the dangers of running their fridge off of propane gas, as accidents could lead to a gas leak or start a fire. But, most experts refute this by saying the risk is minimal, particularly if the propane system is maintained on a regular basis.

Cost. The RV refrigerator is normally integrated into your RV and included in the buying price. But, if you want to purchase a new one to install in your RV, know that they do not come cheap. 

What Kind Of Camper Is The RV Refrigerator Suited For?

The refrigerator for RV is ideal for people who plan to spend their time at a campground with electric hookups. It is also suitable for campers who would like to dry camp from time to time, without investing in a generator or solar panels.

RV refrigerator is also perfect for those who do not need large storage capacity. However, newer fridge models are setting the bar higher for storage capacity. In general, RV fridges are suitable for RVers who are using their motor homes for shorter periods of time, and not as a fulltime living.


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