Advantages of Reese Weight Distribution Hitches

The importance of weight distribution hitches depends in their ability to support in the safety of you, your passengers and the preservation of your tow vehicle or RV. If you are concerned that you might be overloading your axles, try redistributing items within your RV to balance out the weight. If you want to make sure that you’re not overloading your axles, look into getting a weight distribution system for your RV. The Reese weight distribution hitch is friendly for beginners and professionals as it does not come pre-installed and will require an additional hitch ball for it to work. Improper weight distribution can be a serious threat not just to you and your passengers, but to other drivers on the road as well. Moreover, your rig and tow vehicle can have serious damage if you’re overloaded.

Here are just some of the effects of improper weight distribution:

• Uneven weight can worsen the stress on your axles which can quickly wear out and worst, it can lead to axle failure.
• It will be harder to handle and you’ll have a greater chance of losing control of your vehicle when your weight is improperly distributed.
• Premature of wear and tear on your tires which can result in unexpected blow outs.
• It can lead to the premature failure of components in your suspension system.
• Imbalanced weight also reflects badly on your pockets too because it can increase fuel consumption and worsens your mileage.
• Overloading your axles can be reason enough to not accommodate your insurance coverage.

The integrated sway control on the Reese weight distribution hitch system decreases trailer sway caused by winds and sudden maneuvers. As soon as your trailer begins to move out of line, the friction material that lines the bottoms of the brackets installed on the trailer frame gives just enough resistance with the shifting spring bars to prevent any further side-to-side movement. This brake-pad-like material also creates a quieter system than ones that rely on steel-on-steel friction in the frame brackets.

The good points of a Reese weight distribution hitch system:

Sway Control
• Dependent, 2-point friction sway control

Trailer Brake Compatibility
• Electric brakes
• Surge or hydraulic brakes

Head Adjustment Method
• Serrated washer

Lift Brackets
• Platform-style brackets lined with brake-pad-like friction material

Spring Bars
• Trunnion bars only
• Hot rolled steel construction
• Tapered for excellent flex

The best things about this Reese weight distribution hitch is that it can tow a trailer of up to 15000 lbs. with a tongue weight of 1500 lbs. This is an promising lift capacity which will allow to stable a heavy trailer without any concerns. The operation of the Reese weight distribution hitch is very silent. However, you will need a shank with this type of weight distribution hitch which is typically not included in this kit. But the good thing about this is that, installation is very easy as you do not need U-bolts with this kit.


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