What Are Camper Tie Downs

Nowadays, the community of truck campers are getting bigger and heavier. Keeping your camper firmly secured to your truck is not only important for the safety and protection of you and your vehicle, but also everyone else on the road with you. Science such as physics teaches us that objects in motion tend to keep going in that same direction until something intervenes to stop them. Since the slide-in camper was invented, the steps used to attach it to the bed of a truck have been really basic. The commonly used in this is the bed and bumper tie downs but a more secure and stable method to use are the frame-mounted camper tie downs. When you are considering buying a truck camper, a very important factor that you’ll want to include in your budget are the camper tie downs system. Camper tie downs are an inexpensive and easy way to protect your camper from sliding or grinding against your truck while you are out on the road. Camper tie downs also provide attachment points at the front and rear of your truck bed for securing a bed mounted camper and some of the camper tie downs in the market offers a better aesthetic appearance, such as having shiny chromes or a cool design. Frankly, most of the camper tie downs are going to work just about just fine, no matter how much you pay for them. Choose your camper tie downs based on what features are the best and essentials for your camper truck.

Keep in mind that you must determine your capacity range. Once you’ve determined that your truck is within the capacity range needed and you have a camper lined up you’ll need the tie downs on the pickup and turnbuckles to attach the two together. The size of your camper will be a factor in the type of tie downs you want and these can range from the old standard “stake pocket” mount style up to the frame mounted style. If ever you own a truck that is older around 80’s, the sheet metal and pockets will be a little stronger than the newer trucks and may be able to handle the stresses involved with the pocket mount hold downs. As for light campers, it can sometimes do the job. Be sure to look for a design that either bolts or clamps solidly to the truck, otherwise they have been known to pull out. Remember, since these mount in the truck’s stake pockets, there’s always a risk of damaging the truck bed. There is an almost limitless variety of aftermarket accessories to help your truck carry the camper you choose. Be mindful that the specifications listed on the data plate of your tow vehicle will never change, no matter how many suspension upgrades you add and even the heavy duty pickups available can still be made to do the job better. Modern campers are typically heavy due to all the amenities available. Camper tie downs are important for anyone who wants to attach a camper to their truck and this will keep your camper secure by limiting its mobility and ensuring it doesn’t rub on your truck.


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