Emergency Down the Road

You’re driving down the road in your RV and all of a sudden, it breaks down so here you need rv trailer repair parts. Maybe it’s a flat tire, did you run out of gas or maybe worse, engine trouble. These are just a few reasons why you would be stranded on the side of the road. Your first thought when this happens should be about your safety, where are you at, can other drivers see you and if not how can you make yourself visible to others. This is why having emergency supplies stored somewhere on your vehicle is helpful. Going along the lines of making yourself visible, some helpful rv trailer repair parts would include emergency triangles, road flares and reflective tape. Emergency triangles are great to have, they are designed with red reflectors that are visible in both the night and the day and are weighted so you don’t have to worry about them blowing away, these can also come with LED lights. You can set these up all around your vehicle and as far down the road as you need to make yourself seen.

Road flares are another way and a very similar to the triangles. Set these around your vehicle, and turn on for a bright LED light that has flashing signals, including SOS, to warn the other drivers on the road. Last for visibility is reflective tape, this can be stuck to anything from the road, to your vehicle or even yourself. Another product to have, especially if you are stuck on a slight incline, is wheel locks or wheel chocks. These are perfect for keeping the wheels on your RV, trailer or camper locked in place preventing your vehicle from rolling away. Always make sure to still use the emergency brake, even if the wheel locks or chocks are in place. Lastly, if you can’t get your vehicle back on the road and you must walk to get help, here are a couple of rv trailer repair parts you may want to think about. If it is dark out a light, like a lantern, would be a great way to light your way. Something that you can control is how much you have running at once. Running too many appliances, especially in hot weather, can lead to electrical issues if your system can’t handle it. The RV’s 12V battery controls systems like the water heater, furnace, fridge, and lights. The 120V hookup controls electrical devices like the TV and small kitchen appliances. Be aware of what is running on what system. Campground electrical pedestals are exposed to the elements and not always closed correctly. Other problems such as open ground, open neutral, or reverse polarity can also occur. The whole RV park can also pull on the same electrical grid. That can make the voltage available to your RV potentially unpredictable, and of course, nearby lightning strikes can also affect the local electrical grid in the campground. Power surges can damage anything you have plugged into your motorhome and it can fry the wiring of the RV itself, which becomes a very expensive repair job. An rv trailer repair parts and surge protector between the campground pedestal and your motorhome provides protection from this problem.


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