RV Toilet: To Repair or Replace?

Maintaining an RV can be overwhelming at times. Tackling repairs such as a broken toilet can be daunting especially when you don’t know what you are doing. Nevertheless, damages on an RV should be dealt with as soon as possible.

When to Repair or Replace the RV toilet

Minor damages can be repaired as long as the integrity of the toilet and its valves have not been compromised yet. A thorough visual inspection should be done before any action should be taken. Any cracks situated at the valves can indicate serious issues.This also includes cracks that are visible on the toilet bowl itself. Leaking pipes that are caused by broken valves need to be taken out and replaced. Valve and flush seals can be replaced with new ones when worn out. In addition to this, you must have the honesty to admit if the task is too much to handle and it is time to call in a professional.

If you are replacing the RV toilet for aesthetic purposes, be sure to keep in mind that the replacement is durable and comfortable for you. Most toilets in RVs are pedal flush types.

Different Kinds of RV Toilet

When the time comes to replace your old RV toilet, choose the one that is comfortable for you. You will be spending a good deal of time on it, right? There are a lot of rv toilets available in the market. Some of which are:

  • RV toilet with a bidet – a toilet with a water spray apparatus attached to it. It is  used for rinsing after using the toilet.
  • Rv toilet with a macerator – a RV toilet with a part that can be added to grind waste before it enters the black water holding tank. This helps break down the solid particles and provides more room in the tanks.
  • Composting toilet – this is a type of RV toilet that separates solid and liquid waste, using the solid materials as a compost. This is possible by lining the chamber with coconut fiber or other organic material. Mix the waste and organic material occasionally to help the decaying process. This mixture should then be disposed according to government and/or state civil and environmental laws.
  • Air power flushing toilet – a toilet that uses a surge of pressurized air to flush which reduces the water consumption per flushing.
  • Electric automatic toilet – a toilet that sends waste to an incinerator and torch it before it goes down to the hatch as ashes. Batteries or a power source activates such system.

Not all RV toilet parts can be fit together. You must note what type of toilet you have so as the appropriate RV toilet parts can be fitted. Also, newer toilets do have added features that may be a bit pricier. Check your RV toilet parts shop so you can get good deals. Ask for any recommendations on same styles of toilet parts but are cheaper. Remember whatever type of toilet you get, you should get a toilet that you are comfortable with using.


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