The Importance of A Scissor Jack In Vehicles

The scissor jack is one of the oldest and simplest types of automotive jack that is being used to level a vehicle. It is a simple mechanical device with a minimum of moving parts and looks a lot like two pairs of scissors joined at the tips. Because they are so simple and inexpensive, most new vehicles come with one included and even in RV’s. Generally, a scissor jack is designed and made to stabilize, level recreational vehicles, recreational trailers and fifth wheel trailers. RV owners also use this to reduce suspension free play when they are parked at RV grounds and camping sites. A scissor jack that you are aiming for might vary depending on various aspects, needs and type of vehicle including objective measures like dimensions, subjective factors like feel and other specific requirements. In addition to their ease of use and affordability, they stow away discreetly to the frame of the vehicle. As for RV owners with mounting systems, they are easy and quick to install. The operation of an RV scissor jack is super simple and all you need to do is unwind the jack by turning the lift key until the desired lift height is attained. For storage, it’s the exact opposite; simply unwind the jack until it’s folded up neatly against the frame of the trailer. Like any jack of course, there are safety concerns. A typical scissor jack is designed perfect for smaller vehicles such as a car in need of a tire change. As for RV owners where you will need your RV be jacked up for the weekend, you might need an rv scissor jack Canada that is designed and heavy-duty to withstand the heavy trailer for stabilization. For some simple folks, you can use a regular scissor jack to lift your RV or trailer but it is not made for a long-term solution. With this reason, you should not be getting under any vehicle or heavy load, including a tiny house, that is only supported by regular and typical scissor jacks. Ordinary scissor jacks are not strong enough, nor are their attachment points, to level the unit on their own. Since they operate independently, they will raise the frame unevenly and can warp the frame. By using an RV scissor jack, you can level the unit properly together with boards or leveling blocks under the wheels, then apply a slight tension with an rv scissor jack Canada to help stabilize and reduce the “bounce” factor in the RV.

Both leveling scissor jacks and stabilizing scissor jacks are used to keep your RV level and stable. The only thing that you really need to keep in mind is that the weight capacity of each as these kinds of jacks are not meant to lift weight for a long time, but only just to hold it. The biggest difference in the designs of scissor jacks is between those created for motorcycles, created for cars and created for RVs and trailers. As this point, this splits into high quality jacks and low quality jacks. Moreover, some RV’s may be designed and manufactured with sub-frames that are not capable of handling additional force over and above the intended strength to support the cabin weight. If you are not certain with this, you can contact your RV manufacturer for sub-frame strength information prior to using RV scissors jack.


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