RV Parts Canada – Essentials for RV Camping

No matter how much you paid for your travel trailer or RV, it never comes with all the essentials and accessories you will need (or want) for your trips. You may have spent a lot of time and money inside an RV parts Canada store, but when you start out on your first trip, you will usually discover that there are a few more items you will be looking to bring along.

We’ve listed several items that you might want to include on your shopping list to make your next trailer trip a more comfortable and fun experience. Take a look through our RV parts Canada online store to find these essentials:

  • Tire leveler and chock – If you have a single axle trailer, you will find these items very handy. The tire leveler, when used with a single tire chock, provides much-needed stability while you’re trying to level your trailer. It also eliminates the need to use blocks or ramps when leveling. They are lightweight and easy enough to store in your trailer.
  • Stabilizing jacks – Some dealers might include these in the package when you buy a new RV or trailer, but just in case yours don’t, pick them up at an RV parts Canada store. They will come in handy for situations when you need to stabilize your trailer when parked at a campsite. Just put them up on each side of your camper and you will enjoy a rock-solid foundation, even in high winds.
  • Water pressure regulator – If you’re not convinced you need this, all it takes is one visit to a campsite and getting your pipes damaged because the water pressure from the park’s lines is too much. You need to regulate the pressure of the water intake from the source; otherwise you will get a flooded trailer.
  • Shore power cord – Totally important and very convenient, this power cord should be a mainstay in your RV or trailer. If you ever need to connect your trailer to an outside power source, you will need a shore power cord to hook it up. Don’t even think about using a common electric extension cord you usually use around the house; it will not have the required amperage rating you will need and it’s dangerous.
  • Surge protector – So you’ve got a shore power cord and can connect to an outside source to power up your trailer and everything in it. You still need a surge protector, because you never know how reliable the electricity is in that camping site you’re at. Buy one that is designed for outdoor use and is weather-resistant.
  • Sewer hose – Not really the most fun item you will buy, but it’s totally necessary, unless you have a composting toilet of some kind in your RV. You will need this to clear out your RV’s sewage tank and dump its contents into the sewer. We suggest you buy one that is highly durable and stiff, so it doesn’t flop around when you’re using it.

There are several more essentials that you will need to get for your RV trip, but these items are a good start.


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